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Photo Scrapbook

What This Section Hopes To Accomplish.

This section will list MC's various musical events ... and provide a personalized visual and documentary storyboard of these situations. Some of this information will come directly from yearbooks, while most will come directly from musical alumni themselves.

What Is Needed To Accomplish This Goal.

We'll need the following to happen to make this happen:

    1. We need to identify each musical event by type (i.e. Spring Concert) ... by date (as specific as possible) ... by program theme/repetoire ... by what musical ensembles were involved ... what and teachers were involved.
    2. We need to collect, organize, and digitize any photos which pertain to the above event.
    3. We need to provide a brief personal commentary for each photograph (i.e. who is in the photos, what happened during the concert).
    4. In the case of yearbooks, these books need to collected ... musical sections identified (and digitized) ... and students involved with musical program(s) need to be identified and put into a "players" database (for a future section of this Web Site).