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The Teachers

Sister Mary Corde Somma Girls' Music Chairman, Orchestra, Dance Band & Wind Ensemble Moderator
Brother Basil Robert
(a.k.a. Robert Daszkiewicz)
Boys' Orchestra Moderator
Jerome Allen Boys' Music Chairman, Glee Club Director, Dance Band Moderator
Ronald Vanchieri Orchestra, Dance Band & Wind Ensemble Moderator
Nicholas Lamitola Dance Band Conductor, Wind Ensemble Conductor, Oliver Conductor, Brass Instructor
Enrico DiCecco Orchestra Conductor, Sound Of Music Conductor, String Instructor
Vincent La Selva Orchestra Conductor, Brass Instructor
Sister Mary Dolora Girls' Glee Club Director
Sister Sheila Browne Girls' Glee Club Director
Brother Benilde James Boys' Glee Club Director
Paul Camarota Woodwinds Instructor
Anasthasia Athos Strings Instructor, 1962-1966
Joan Milkson Strings Instructor, 1966-1968
Nicole DiCecco Strings Instructor, 1968-??
Martin Goldbaum Brass Instructor
Michael Mattia Brass Instructor
Roger Lewis Brass Instructor
Elaine Jones Percussion Instructor

What This Section Hopes To Accomplish.

This section lists the various MC conductors, moderators, musical directors, and instrumental instructors (the "teachers") who shaped MC's students throughout the ages ... and provide a biographical/autobiographical look at their lives. Specifically --

What Is Needed To Accomplish This Goal.

We'll need the following to happen to make this happen: