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Confidentiality Agreement

The MC Music Web Site (a.k.a. MCM Web Site) is not connected in any way to Mater Christi High School, St. John's Prep High School, the Roman Catholic Church, or any other organization, educational or otherwise.

The MC Music Web Site is financially sponsored by WebMaster, Al Willen ... his company, Virtually Yours™ ... and the individual content submissions of MC alumni, MC music teachers, and the MC Alumni Association. All materials remain the sole property of their original owner. All programming, and HTML coding connected with this Web Site remain the sole property of Al Willen and Virtually Yours (a.k.a. "The Sponsors").

The MC Music Site is committed to maintaining the dignity of all its visitors. Information solicited on this Web Site will be used for educational, historical, and entertainment purposes only, on this Site only, and will not be used by any unauthorized third party for any purpose of a marketing and/or commercial nature.

Information from public records (such as from yearbooks, concert programs, event photos) can be used on this Web Site without any prior notification and/or consent.

No materials will be posted on this Web Site that are spiteful or mean-spirited, whether justified or otherwise.

All materials submitted to this Web Site are sent at the sole discretion and expense of the submitter. No materials will be returned to the submitter, unless a self-addressed stamped envelope (with proper postage) accompany the original materials. The Sponsors incur no liability for the sending, and/or safe return of, any submitted materials.

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By using this Web Site all parties agree to assume any and all responsibility for any physical injury, mental injury, injury to reputation, inconvenience or other event occurring in connection with or arising out the use, or misuse, interpretation, or misinterpretation, of content found herein, and waive responsibility, of any and every kind, of Al Willen and Virtually Yours (a.k.a. The Sponsors) and agree to indemnify and save harmless the Sponsors from any liability, damages, claims and demands from third parties arising therefrom.

This MC Music Web Site has been made as secure as possible for sharing confidential information. However, please be advised that due to daily advances in Internet technology, no Site is absolutely secure from being invaded by individuals or organizations intent on invading one's privacy.

If you have any questions or concerns with regard to our above-stated policy, do not hesitate to e-mail, send a letter or call us first.